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Friday 23 September 2011

BBC Dragons' Den

Thanks very much to Jon C who submitted this which is taken from the BBC Dragons’ Den programme, broadcast the other night in the UK.

The pitch, presented by Richard Williams, a salesman from Worcestershire, and Gil Ostrander, a Canadian real-estate expert, aimed to raise £50K for a stake in their business.

They used some mock up sale boards as a backdrop to their pitch. They were trying to be clever by naming one of their fake Estate Agents after Peter Jones, one of the Dragons.

My initial thought was that the first typo might have been deliberate. They’d used the suffix rather than in the web address. Maybe they were just trying (er, failing) to be funny.

But, once the other typos were revealed, I thought again. They just hadn’t been careful enough.

A missing apostrophe, a spelling mistake, and an incorrect URL.

Disastrous in any presentation, never mind one on whose outcome your future may depend.

Despite the content on the sale boards coming under some discussion, no one mentioned the typos. Rather surprising for the Dragons. They don't usually hold back if they spot a chink in a pitcher's armour.

The guys didn’t get the money they wanted. Whether that had anything to do with their errors, we don't know.

Probably more to do with the fact that they annoyed each and every Dragon with their attitude.

If you see any typos that you’d like to share, please send them to me at

peter (at) mytypohumour (dotcom)

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