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Wednesday 15 February 2012

They're parking their car over there

Easy, right?

So come on, Sussex Police. You can do better than this.

Stop relying on spellcheck to check your output. Get a person to do it.

Thanks to Jon C for spotting it in a Daily Mail article.

I assume that they're using the default US version of spellcheck too.

How so?

Traveling. No. Not in the UK, thank you.

Oh wait. They're not using spellcheck at all.

Otherwise, how did Febuary get through?



  1. Hadn't even spotted the 'traveling' and 'Febuary'. I wonder if, when we find one error, we then stop looking for others. Well spotted MTH.

    1. I think you're right. You focus on that particular mistake and everything else around it becomes somewhat blurred.

    2. While we're at it, a comma after North Lane wouldn't go amiss. And you shouldn't really write Friday 'the' 10th. Friday 10th is fine as it is.

      As it were.

      There there.

    3. It gets worse and worse the more you read it.
      I agree with you about the date. Friday the 10th would be OK if it stood alone without the year, and only if you knew to which month the writer was referring.
      But I'd go even further and dispense with any suffixes in this format. To quote my old French teacher, 'There's only one February in the year, not ten.'

  2. Ah-ha! and, not mentioned is a fine example of that perennial misuse of 'there' instead of 'their'!
    I would also like to bet, even though we can't see it, that there's no question mark at the end of the sentence starting 'Will owners of vehicles please....'

    How sad am I?

    1. Yes. I think the end of the sentence is the word 'Friday' just below the windscreen wiper and there is no question mark there. Just a full stop.

      But...ooh, awkward moment about the use of there. That was the post's main point. Did you not notice the headline? (Sorry. It's a bit difficult to say that without sounding like a schoolmaster.)


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