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Friday 30 August 2013


One rule about life. Never, never, never. And I mean never. Never call yourself an expert.

When someone starts their article with the words 'When high-end online reputation management experts like me...' you just know there'll be some awful error in the piece that proves that exactly the opposite is true.

But surely not in Chris Abraham's case. After all, he's not simply an expert in managing online reputations. He's a high-end expert, no less.

Well, let's see how he manages his own online reputation in the article, shall we?

Oh, there we go. No further than the fourth paragraph which consists of just one sentence containing no less than 105 words.

However, spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours now will help inoculate you against the inevitable aggressive online reputation attack that most certainly happen to you at some point in the future, be it from something really stupid, evil, or illegal that you and yours have done (or been discovered as doing or having done) or for no good reason other than your competitor wants your concern to die and give up all your clients or because a simple personal break up, perceived slight, psychotic former employee, permanently displeased former client, or inconsolable patient has made you into his or her own personal jihad.

Oh perlease, Chris. Just shut up. And find out the meaning of jihad.

Unfortunately, he doesn't shut up. The article carries on in much the same vein.

For a little distraction, you could try finding out more about this 'high-end online reputation management expert' by clicking on the link to his company. (Oh yes, he has a link to his own company. Why else would he be writing the article?)

So, let's click the link...


OK. Let's try his Facebook Page.


Expert, eh?

Hmm. Presumably from the Latin 'ex' meaning has-been and 'spurt', a drip under pressure.

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