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Monday 22 July 2013

Soh Cah Toa

The Australian Air Force needed to recruit an Engineer with certain mathematical skills.

So it devised an advert containing a puzzle, the solution of which revealed the telephone number to ring for further details.

Unfortunately, the puzzle contained two typos which are highlighted below in yellow.

What? You wouldn't have spotted them?

No, nor would I.

I guess none of us will be applying then.

Anyway, here's the thing.

What did the RAAF say to the people who managed to find the right number and get through? I'm sorry but you've made a mistake and are therefore disqualified?

Meanwhile, to the Reddit users who spotted the errors and reported them, the RAAF offered its thanks and added that they were exactly the type of people it was looking for.

Thinking about it, if it was an RAAF employee who devised the puzzle, perhaps there are now two vacancies.

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