Friday, 27 April 2012

Counting your chickens

Oh, Tesco. How I contemn you.

Before we get to the typo, may I first point out the inspired serving suggestion?

Yes, that one. Putting it on a plate and cutting it in half. Which genius dreamed that up?

Anyway, John H poses the question: Surely it should be 2 chickens en croute? That is, plural chickens rather than plural croutes.

I agree. In fact, I'd go further than that and suggest it should be 2 chickens en croûte. Clearly, it's not hard to add the circumflex. I mean, I just did.

I wonder whether Tesco's research has discovered that circumflexes (why aren't they circumflices?) somehow deter customers from buying.

Getting back to John's point though, perhaps it ought to say 2 pieces of chicken en croûte.

Because I'm willing to bet that, if it said 2 chickens en croûte, people would complain that there weren't actually two whole chickens in there.

Both with creamy mushroom sauce. Both wrapped in puff pastry.

In a box weighing all of 400g.

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