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Wednesday 1 February 2012

Sneak pique

For a couple of months now, @StealthMountain has been responding to tweets that include the incorrectly spelt phrase 'sneak peak' by sending the culprits a message pointing out their error.

I don't suppose an actual person is sending out these tweets. 23,000 in two months would be heavy going for even the most finger-happy teenager. It seems much more likely a spambot of SM's making is left to do the dirty work.

Actually, it's done in quite a pleasant, inoffensive way. All the message says is: I think you mean "sneak peek". Not like some grammar nazis I could mention who burn you with fire at the slightest mistake.

And, to be fair, Stealth Mountain is reasonably self-deprecating, admitting in his or her profile that 'I live a sad life.'

What I find amusing though is Stealth Mountain's list of favourite responses to the message. They vary in their style and level of vitriol but all make entertaining reading.

From the simple 'WHATEVER' and 'Shut up' to the more intense 'I hate you please die' and 'why tf you correctin me idgaf if i spelled it wrong'. At worst it provides a useful resource when your 
insults and retorts pool is running low.

Anyway, here it is. The full list.

It proves that none of us likes a smart arse.

Especially when it's our mistake that's being highlighted.


  1. Would that be "From" rather than "Fom"?

  2. Well spotted, Trev. Thank you.
    Duly corrected.
    Now for my thirty lashes.


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