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Wednesday 7 November 2012


This typo crime, discovered by Jon C, was carried out in The Library by Miss Scarlett - or it may have been Mrs White - with The Computer, a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.

The Library, of all places. You know. The place where literacy abounds.

OK, so it's Peterborough Library.

Regular readers will recall that we've had occasion to visit Peterborough several times in the past. The residents of that city undoubtedly have form when it comes to typos.

But it's not as if the library staff members can't spell the word ads. After all, the word's there, right in front of their noses, on that other printed sheet.

Goodness me, they can even spell accommodation correctly, so ads shouldn't be that taxing for them.

I guess they were too busy playing with the Underline command to notice anything wrong.

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