Friday, 15 June 2012


What do you know about BBDO, New York?

Yes, BBDO. The massive, well-established, award-winning Ad Agency.

Here they are showing off a campaign they created for Guinness.

A clever idea, maybe. But the attention to detail is not so.

A first of it's kind? What does that mean? It is kind? It has kind?

And what does that whole sentence mean, exactly? That it's a kind QR code?

Also, where's the full stop after the Briefing sentence?

What's more, you'd think that BBDO, of all people, would understand that any reference to the brand name would require a capital G.

Finally, the code sends you to a dead site called, rather ironically,

So, BBDO. Failing all over the place.

And who in their right mind calls a glass of beer a cup?

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