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Monday 24 February 2014

Shoot the messenger

The ever-reliable late-night team on BBC News strikes again.

Thanks to Dennis A, Jon C, Greg L and everyone else who brought this soon-to-be classic to my attention.

Blimey. If that's incredible value, I'd like to see - or preferably sample - a massaging service that's expensive.

Incidentally, I've just found a link to what's reported to be the world's most expensive massage service. For the sake of those who are perhaps a little sensitive about such things, it's not a direct link. But you'll find it soon enough if you go looking.

It's a place where the line between massage and other, er, more specialised services grows decidedly thin.

Anyway, getting back to Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp must have seen him coming.

It told me I could have it for 69p.

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