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Wednesday 4 April 2012

3rd or 4th flaw

Ann Arbor is not a famous actress. Nor someone you went to school with.

It's a town in Michigan, USA, and the home of the University of Michigan.

It seems like a nice place. But be careful if you visit its recently-renovated City Hall.

Travel in the lift and you may find yourself, well, who knows where.

Clearly the fourd floor suits the Traffic Engineering office.

But I wonder how long it took the Communications office staff to notice their floor.

And whether they pronounced it the thirth or the threeth.


  1. Very amusing. I'm guessing that it's the digits that are in the wrong positions rather than their suffixes, perhaps? We can't see the whole sign of course, but I think floor directories in lifts/elevators are generally ordered from the bottom up.

    1. Yes, Jon, you're right. Unless the lift is going down below ground level.
      As far as Hell perhaps? Now that would be one helluva hellivata.


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