Friday, 10 August 2012

Going Dutch

Not so much a typo as a huge, huge gaffe.

I've awarded joint Gold Medals this week to both the Daily Express and the Daily Mirror for demonstrating equally clearly that they haven't a clue about British equestrianism.

Here's the front page of Wednesday's Express.

And now a page from the Mirror.

Notice anything odd about the Dressage team photos?

Like, for example, the orange collars? Or the blazer pocket designs? Even the faces of the three happy medal winners?

Not to mention the bronze medals. Surely you noticed the bronze medals?

Yes. The bronze medals as won by... the Netherlands team.

So, no red collars; no Team GB blazer designs; no Team GB members.

And not a gold medal in sight.

Nor, it seems, a half-decent (or sober perhaps?) Picture Editor.

Daily Express. Daily Mirror. Hang your heads in shame, the pair of you.

And, as my old Chemistry teacher, DH, used to say: Read, mark, learn and inwardly digest the following.

The winning British Dressage team: Laura Bechtolsheimer, Carl Hester, and Charlotte Dujardin.

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