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Friday 1 November 2013

Losing face

Does anyone else, apart from myself and Jon C, keep seeing this advert on Facebook?

Now, if she really was from London, she'd be a Mum, not a Mom. And, at 200 miles away, do they really think that London is local to me? Or to Jon C who happens to be over 5,000 miles away?

But my main point is no, she doesn't look 25 years younger. In fact, the truth is she looks like a he.

An extremely poorly-Photoshopped he at that. Complete with bushy eyebrows and a dreadfully mis-shaped and incorrectly-sized nose that ends right on top of his lip.

Unless, God help them, that this is actually an example of their work.

But what's even more worrying on a personal level is that these ads are targeted.

Is that the best that Facebook's algorithms can come up with for me?

If so, I'll get me coat.

Or perhaps Facebook should.

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